Assistive Equipment

Assistive equipment is simply equipment that assists you in being able to live the best quality of life. Have you ever missed a visitor or delivery because you didn’t hear the doorbell? Have you missed an appointment because you couldn’t hear your alarm? Do you have arguments because of the volume of the TV? Are you unable to hear your baby crying? If you said yes to any of these, this service is for you.

We work in partnership with Croydon Council to provide assistive equipment assessments. This service is available for Croydon residents who experience a hearing loss. It enables them to access free equipment to support them within their homes. As part of this service we are able to educate and advise on other products available in the hearing loss market that you may find useful such as phones (please note that phones are not provided free of charge).

We also work very closely with the London Fire Brigade. We can refer you for one of their assessments for vibrating [and flashing] smoke detectors.

Our equipment assessor is Paul Carpenter. He and the rest of the team are available to answer questions, give advice on gadgets that will support your hearing loss. Paul is also very handy so can repair faulty equipment.

All free equipment from Croydon Council is on loan, you can use our service to return borrowed hearing loss equipment if it is faulty or if it is no longer in use.

In order to know what equipment is available to you, you must first have an assessment – which is usually carried out in your home. This is to determine what equipment is suitable for your hearing loss. If eligible, this equipment will then be installed either by the Croydon Council Equipment Stores or us, depending on requirements.

How to get a referral;

· Call us on 020 8686 0049

· Email us on

· Complete an online referral by contacting the Croydon Council Support Team.

· Call Croydon Council on 020 8726 6500

For more information on our work with Croydon Council’s Sensory Impairment Team follow this link to the Croydon Council website.