Protect Us

How can you protect our charity ?

Whether you are writing your first will, or amending an existing one, by leaving a legacy gift to us you can reach out and help future generations overcome hearing loss and stay connected to those they love.

We are part-funded by Croydon Council and the SWL Clinical Commissioning Group but this income does not cover all our costs. Each year we struggle to raise funds to balance the books as our only additional income comes from annual memberships or donations. We do not receive any contributions from national organisations.

Considering us in your legacy is a wonderful way to ensure that Croydon Hearing can still be there for every person with a hearing loss for many years to come.

It could be your chance to help local people live life the best they can with our help. That’s an amazing legacy that only you will understand.

If you already have an existing will a codicil is a straightforward document that allows you to make amendments to that will instead of having to rewrite it

You can print out the form below. It just needs to be signed and witnessed and kept with your will.

If you would like us to send you a form in the post please contact us on 020 8686 0049 or email us at